Tuesday, December 30, 2008

20 Lifestories in 20 Sentences

I recently asked everyone at the Samaritan House to consider their life to write a sentence that summarizes their life, a one-sentence memoir.

If you listen you can hear the pain and regret from tragedy and wrong choices as well as the hope and determination of second chances. Some are written looking at the past and some are focused on future events and unfinished business.

Here are some of their one-sentence memoirs:

Tragedy I am still trying to recover from.
There have been ups and downs but God has always been watching over me.
Still trying to recover and think straight.
God has three words for my family: yes, not yet and I have better things in store for you… which is where we are right now.
Trying to recover and think straight.
Life feels like it’s passing me by but I’m keeping positive thoughts as best as possible.
Made some mistakes but I‘m trying to get things right.
I have grown and now I have true friends.
Helped by your kindness now I have a chance.
I see the love and caring of others and now His love for me.
Leave my past behind and look to my future.
Soon to be a postman.
If only I had known then what I know now.
Making positive changes and personal goals one step at a time while making sacrifices that have to be made along the way.
Honoring my past and rebuilding my future for a better year in 2009.
It is never too late to change.
I’ve had a lot of bends in my road of life, it’s getting straighter now though.
I was put here for a purpose and I’m not sure why.
Trying to put it together but everything seems to be working against me.
Got a fresh start here half way through.

What does your one-sentence memoir read like? Try not to think too much. Maybe just look at it out of the corner of your eye and go with your first instinct. Sum up your life to this point in one sentence.

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