Friday, February 8, 2019

Cold Weather Plans

Homelessness presents unique challenges and obstacles for daily life. Homelessness in Montana, in the winter, can be deadly, which is why Samaritan House has its own Cold Weather Contingency Plans aimed at saving lives. We will find a place for you. 

Director Chris Krager adamantly states that, "The nature of homelessness in Montana is such that at certain times of the year it can be fatal." If you have lived through a few winters in the Flathead Valley, you know the potential brutality firsthand. This past week windchill dropped well below zero, reaching nearly -25, depending on where you lived. This could be a death sentence for someone living in a tent or other structures not suitable for intended dwelling. 

These are not just words on a screen as we learned this week, see the photo above.

Samaritan House is equipped with mobile beds and we are putting them to good use. Any safe place in our shelter has been turned into a makeshift sleeping unit because we recognize this is an extremely important issue. Living outside, in the exposed elements, is difficult in the best conditions so when homelessness is exacerbated with frigid wind, snow, and ice, we need to get involved. Heart failure, hypothermia, and frostbite are all real possibilities.

Thanks for all you do because your financial support and donating resources allowing us to do our best to take care of those who need a place to shelter from the weather. 

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