Tuesday, February 26, 2019

12th Annual Cowboy Up for Samaritan House Auction

Where were you 12 years ago?

It's an interesting question because we tend to focus on the present and the future, but sometimes the past gets little fanfare. And, "Why 12 years?", you might ask? Because in a few weeks it will be the 12th annual Cowboy Up Benefit for Samaritan House. We have been hosting this fundraiser as long as it takes a child to go from Kindergarten to Graduation. And it's been quite a journey for us, as well. We are honored to host this Auction and the longevity of this event shows its importance.

This year's event will be held at Gardner's Auction, which provides an ideal venue for all we have to offer. Single tickets can be purchased for only $40 or a table for 8 can be reserved for $300. Doors open at 5 pm and an incredible dinner will be served at 6 pm. Use this opportunity to catch up with friends while having a wonderful time and donating to an important cause.

Because that's what this is really about- there is a point to be made and lives to be changed. There are a thousand different things you can spend or invest your hard-earned money on but none might count so much as this Auction in regards to saving lives.

Yes, there will be phenomenal music by Smart Alex. You will have a great time and enjoy yourself dancing the night away. And the auction items are worth the experience by themselves, with a wide variety sure to tickle anyone's fancy- there will e something for everyone. But the entire night is a reminder that homelessness in the Flathead Valley is a real issue. We gather to raise money and resources so we can provide opportunities to change lives. This will be an epic night with so many wonderful moving parts aimed at a singular goal: Addressing homelessness in our community so that our community will be strengthened.

You can play a part in this and we hope to see you there! Please call our office if you have any questions regarding the auction or this night.

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