Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Annual Progress Report

The picture above will explain the absence of an update lately. The Annual Progress Report, "2006(done in 2007)" and "2007(done in 2008)", is the compilation of numbers of people served, money spent, services offered, budget efficiency and outcomes measured. This report gets sent to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a way to monitor the grant funding we receive from them each year.
I don't like doing these reports. It is difficult and there is little acknowledgement of feelings and emotion. It boils things down too far. It is important to remember that every number and tally mark represents a person. Every dollar shown is hard earned. Every life changed is major.
The highlights for last year are that we served more people in the Shelter and also in the Transitional Housing. We actually lengthened our average length of stay. We were able to offer more types of services than ever before and showed better percentages of success in outcomes.
Twelve months from today I will have to send off another Annual Progress Report, "2008(done in 2009)", I better get started.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poll Results:Struggle for Affordable Housing Continues

Americans Say Housing Issues Will Affect How They Vote
A poll released February 29th, by the Housing America Campaign indicates that nine out of ten Americans believe the provision of affordable housing is an important issue in their community; nearly two-fifths cite having a decent affordable place to live as their top priority. This represents an increase in responses of this kind to the same question asked last year. The poll also shows that affordable housing will affect the way Americans vote. Seventy-four percent said that presidential candidates' ideas for providing more affordable housing were important in determining for whom they would vote. Additionally, almost one-fifth of respondents reported being "directly affected" by the recent mortgage crisis. On a more positive note, the percentage of Americans who believe housing policy is on the right track increased slightly from last year's results.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Room Full of Heros

This group of people volunteer at the Samaritan House regularly by serving on the Board of Directors. They are: (left to right) Dave Rice, Jim Ness, Terra Treweek, Shelly Jeffries, Jon Dahlberg, Jim Galvin, Tom Nelesen, Bob Donahue and Mary Grace Galvin. These are just some of the people who help address homelessness in the Flathead Valley. Not pictured are Pat LaVoie, Tory Graham, Winnie Simmons, Dave Maurer and Heidi Valentine. If you see one of these fine folks around town ask them how you can help them. They have a big task in front of them.