Thursday, July 30, 2020

2020 Great Fish Community Challenge

The 2020 Great Fish Community Challenge starts today.  It is a 7 week campaign that will wrap up on September 18th.  There are 56 local area nonprofits participating and Samaritan House is honored to be one of them.  

Nonprofits in the Challenge work to raise money during the campaign.  All gifts are processed through the Community Foundation.  At the end of the campaign, Whitefish Community Foundation will provide a percentage match on the first $20,000 raised by each participating nonprofit.  
There are several ways to donate. You can donate by mail, online or at one of the pop up donation sites that will be happening through the challenge.  

Samaritan House is hoping to use funds from the Great Fish Community Challenge to provide for Case Management services at the shelter.  This type of Case Management work is what helps our clients have a greater success in conquering their homelessness.  Last year, 85% of the clients served in Samaritan House Transitional Housing were no longer homeless when they left our facility. We could provide just a meal and a bed for the night but Case Management is what fixes homelessness.

This means, every dollar donated to Samaritan House through the Great Fish Community Challenge will directly help our work to fix homelessness locally.

Thank you very much for your consideration.