Monday, December 23, 2019

Four Ways You Can Help Samaritan House During the Holidays

1. Volunteer
You can volunteer to serve at meal times, or work on projects that will benefit the shelter. During the holidays, many people love to feed the homeless and assist with meals. No need to be a culinary wizard this is incredibly helpful and happens all throughout the year.  The Samaritan House Volunteer Coordinator coordinates the meals served by volunteers.  Her name is Missy and she can be reached at 406-257-5801. Currently, the last two Thursdays and Mondays of each month are available for volunteers to serve a dinner meal. 

2. Take a tour
Taking a tour of the shelter is educational and informative.  Many times, when people take a tour of our facilities they say that they have learned more about homelessness in Flathead County and mention new and innovative ways that they can help.  It's fun for everyone.   

3. Donate household items or items from our Needs List
Donated items such as dishes, furniture and most any type of household items can be donated and are tax deductible.  Samaritan House staff keep a consistent and changing Needs List of items that are needed at the shelter.  
Here are a few ideas of things that would really help Samaritan House:
Clorox Wipes
Laundry Detergent
Three Shower Curtains
Towels, wash rags, hand towels
Office Supplies

4. Donate Money
Giving money will provide clothing, education, food, and shelter. It will help the homeless in more ways than you may realize and the more money that is given, the more services and help can be provided. There are several ways that you can donate.  
You can donate on our website: 
On our blog:  
On the Facebook page:
Or you can Venmo money to Samaritan House, scan this code.

Or you can donate to Samaritan House via PayPal.  

Whatever your holiday traditions are we want to thank you for taking 
time to consider Samaritan House during the Holidays!