Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thank You for Your Help

Samaritan House would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our readers and supporters, for your partnership over the past year. Samaritan House has set goals to make homelessness in Northwest Montana rare, brief and nonrecurring.  If we are going to be successful in this effort we will need your support.

Today, the shelter is full and we are making arrangements to make room for more. The weather report says that it will be a very cold Christmas this year. Recently, the Flathead Beacon published an article about Samaritan House that relays how you can help Samaritan House.  

Flathead Beacon - "Making Ends Meet at the End of the Year"

Have an incredible holiday season as you reflect on what has happened in your life. Enjoy and cherish the loved ones who matter to you. Remember that you play a role, daily, affecting the lives of those around you. This world would not be the same without your contributions of love, empathy, help and kindness. You make this planet better for being on it and we appreciate everything you have done for Samaritan House.

Have a wonderful time of joy, peace, and reflection as we approach Christmas and the new year.