Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Estelle Chapter One

Estelle came to the shelter two days ago as a result of her employment and housing ending. They ended simultaneously as she was employed as a house sitter. The house sold and she was given very little notice that she would have to be out.

Estelle looks like she would be a really nice Grandmother dressed very nicely with her white hair, oversized purse and a quiet polite voice. I did notice a tissue clutched in the palm of her hand when she arrived and it did look as though she had been crying. She looked lost and hesitant as though she was clearly in a position that she had never been before.

Estelle is 74 years old and has very little family in the area even though she is a life long Flathead Valley resident. She has survived the death of her husband, her children have all passed away due to cancer, tumors and a car accident though she does have a niece in the area.

I introduced Estelle to the Samaritan House Staff and reassured her that it's OK and that most people here feel that way. During the Intake process Estelle spoke fondly of her belated husband and that after his death she began sitting houses. When asked about her work history she refers to herself as, "A jack of all trades and a master of none."

Estelle does receive Social Security Income in the amount of $766 every month. Upon Intake she cited having $30. She does also have a dependable vehicle, a '99 Buick.

Further into the Intake Estelle reveals that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and that it has gone further to now be Cancer in her stomach.

Most stories have some ups and downs. Let's follow this one over the next few days as Estelle finds her way through the challenges ahead of her. Right now her immediate needs are to find an affordable rental apartment, a single sized bed, a small table and chairs and the normal household stuff that would be in a small apartment.
Estelle will be meeting with the Case Manager to set goals and establish a plan of attack. I will update as the progress is made.