Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Great Fish Community Challenge 2022

 There's 10 days left in the Great Fish Community Challenge brought to you by Whitefish Community Foundation. We set a goal for ourselves to reach 20k and our community showed up. Then we set another goal for 40k, and you guys blew us out of the water! 

Let's get to $60,000 and beyond! Your donation to Samaritan House during the Great Fish Community Challenge goes directly towards supporting our mission and providing our homeless community with resources they need to build a new foundation in their lives. 

These resources look like stability, shelter, nutrient dense meals, clothing, hygienic access and resources, and case management. These resources together help create a community for our clients to thrive and step back into life feeling supported and successful. Click the picture below to be directed to our portal fund to make a donation today!

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